Main Characters

Some brief insight - with thanks to the celebrities who inspire them

Gina Duncan

(South African, 25 years old)

A delightfully ditzy massage therapist, Gina has maddeningly fine hair and a hopeless penchant for foreign men.

Her seafarer father indavertently taught her that love has a habit of leaving, repeatedly. This misconception misguides her frought, romantic relationships.

She's determined to break the pattern, but her petite loveliness and unique luminosity of spirit attract more than one man irrevocably to her.

Gina is inspired by Kate Hudson's "bottled sunshine" persona, plus the feistiness of the author's last Norwegian Forest Cat, Jina.

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Danny Gallagher

(Irish, 28 years old)

Oozing subtly indefinable carnality, Danny has a body for sin and looks to die for. Intemperate to the core, his sailing lifestyle suits him well.

Delivering luxury yachts around the world, pretty much when it suits him, he's never in one place long enough to become attached.

Gina, however, poses a problem - and Danny is a man accustomed to having the last word.

He is inspired by Colin Farrell's brooding bad-boy image, lilting accent and rakish charm.

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Shanti Whitaker

(English, 28 years old)

A true humanitarian, born of quintessentially hippie parents, Shanti teaches yoga and advocates an Ayurvedic diet.

With no time nor need for make-up, she is the kind of woman who cares far more about how she lives than the way she looks.

Frustrated by Gina's romantic mishaps, she attempts to impart wisdom to her wayward friend, often to no avail.

Shanti is inspired by the spunky, somewhat quirky radiance of Kate Winslet.

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Zeb Cooper

(Kiwi, 26 years old)

When a bad knee injury ended Zeb's professional rugby career, he turned to geology and works on the oil rigs off Mossel Bay.

Apart from being a gentle giant, he is an avid supporter of Castle beer, as well as the guy that everyone wants in their corner.

As Ben and Danny's mate, Zeb plays a pivotal role in keeping the sometimes precarious peace.

He is inspired by the legendary physicality and innate leadership of Zinzan Brooke.

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Pippa Price

(South African, 27 years old)

Gina's older sister and mother of two toddlers, Pippa is an oasis of family love, at times as prickly as any other.

Her eternal chagrin at Gina's exploits sparks frequent friction. Yet beneath it all, Pippa's heart is pure gold.

Willful youth periodically gets in the way of Gina grasping her sister's insight, as well as the precious value of their relationship.

Pippa is inspired by the enchanting realness and famous mother love of Naomi Watts.

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 Ben Carter

(South African, 30 years old)

Despite being a commercial diver harvesting diamonds off the coast of Namibia, Ben's true calling is marine conservation.

Arrestingly attractive, almost unfairly so for a man, he is driven by deep-seated passion, which underpins the way that he seizes life with both hands.

This translates into a palpable magnetism that captivates women, Gina included.

Ben is inspired by the noble, rebel-with-a-cause nature and unique inner and outer fire of the young Patrick Swayze.

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Marvin Samuels

(South African, 24 years old)

Abundantly talented, music is the language of Marvin's mind. Lyrics swirl inside, waiting to be plucked from their place and shared joyously with the world at large.

An irrepressible dreamer - with good reason - his leading role in a local production cradles his hopes for a stellar future.

Few things comfort his friend 'Genie' more than being folded into one of his welcoming hugs.

Marvin is inspired by the inborn talent and trademark charisma of Will Smith.

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